Why is your marketing not working?

Ever thought your company was “un-marketable”?

It’s probably because advertising agencies have tried to convince you to spend your resources on a “one size fits all solution”. I say advice is overrated. Let me help you discover your own genius and empower you with your own answers guided by expert advice.

Wondering HOW to pitch your offer and WHERE to find more blue-chip clients?

I facilitate a Neuro-science based approach. It clarifies your message to attract more ideal clients. A new client base will take your company to the next level!

Difficult to pick a certain marketing campaign or communication channel?

Realities change rapidly in the business landscape. Companies with the aim to grow and sustain their influence have to find innovative tactics to reach their target audience against a very noisy digital communication backdrop. We help you do this.

Find out how to add Digital Marketing to your mix.

The traditional approach to marketing is no longer relevant!


Smart leadership continually asks:

  • How do we invest in our people?
  • Is it possible to leave a legacy?
  • Are there ways to empower people towards perpetual business growth?

Let's shift your marketing on a new trajectory

How can Neuro-Marketing help you?

You can apply Neuroscience in Communication & Marketing with the latest digital strategies. Through coaching, mentorship and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practices, you learn to address Marketing & Communication challenges. You can even learn underlying soft skills such as:
– Company culture alignment
– Motivation
– Goals
– Resilience
These are essential in achieving desired outcomes.

It’s time to stand up and be a leader in your industry!

“My quest is to empower leaders in business to better influence their target audience by means of high impact communication and marketing. As a result my clients reach more people with their messages and grow their organisations.”

Henrico Hanekom
Neuro-Marketing Mentor

Follow these Delegation Principles to get your Marketing & Communicaton flying

Download your complimentary copy of the audio book

The Art of Delegation

Companies we work with

I’m grateful for the opportunities and trust from these companies. They saw how Neuro-coaching can be a catalyst for growth and an instrument for change.

I draw from experience of more than a decade in visual communication and online marketing. I stick with my clients for an extended period of time to ensure they become empowered to reach their objectives.

  • Henrico spoke with passion and enthusiasm. He engaged the entire audience with his physical demonstration of the technology, and spoke with insight about its imminent application across various industries.

    Stephen Gray

    The MakerSpace

  • Thank you Henrico, you present well vocally and your presentations are detailed well and informative. You are patient and are open to receiving questions too and you are well equipped to answer them.

    Paris Naidoo

    KPMG (Pty) Ltd

  • He is a very good teacher I didn’t know a single thing about Prezi but now I think I know quite a few things on how to make a professional presentation.

    Aretha Netshakhuma - Admin Assistant

    GIB insurance brokers

  • I found value as follows: It made me think about each sector we target and taking a newer approach towards my selling techniques. Enjoyable team work (getting all to think together). It more felt like team building than actual work therefore it seemed that we got a lot more done with a better result.

    Mr. STEVEN TUCKER - Key Account Manager


  • Henrico, thank you so much for today, I think everyone found it valuable and some real right brain thinking. We are very excited …

    Nazlie Dickson- Sales and Marketing Director


  • Henrico Hanekom is an experienced speaker on the topic of digital marketing for businesses. He is probably one of the country’s most ‘street smart’ and up to date experts of Google, Ad words, website marketing, video marketing, YouTube, e-mail marketing, PayPal, Facebook marketing etc.

    Dr. Nols de Bruin MA, BD, MBA, PhD

  • In the 8 months that we’ve been with Webcafe our business has grown by at least 100%. Thanks to these guys we don’t need to do any other marketing. I’ve now decided to increase our monthly budget to reach even more people

    Ian Wall

    4 UK Visas

  • I invested in a PPC website with Web Cafe, and within the first day of launching had 3 inquiries and 1 quote sent. (That was before a long weekend) The Monday I had about 6 inquiries, 3 quotes and 1 sale. The 1 sale is already paying for almost half the investment. This is definitely how you get the edge.

    Dirk van Rooyen

    DMP SA

  • Graag wil ons vir Henrico en sy span by Webcafe Marketing bedank vir al hulle harde werk. Ons is al meer as 13 maande by Webcafe en ons bruto inkomste het met 33% gestyg! Dit is regtig ‘n plesier om saam met julle te werk! Hou aan met julle goeie diens! Groete.

    Zambezi Point

  • I would just like to say an enthusiastic “Thank You” for the video you made on my website. I was sceptical when you first approached me, but am very pleased to say that since it has been up, I have had a noticeable increase in the number of people who became clients. In particular, I have had a noticeable increase in…

    Marilyn Welch

    Perfect Strangers Dating Website

  • Baie dankie vir die pragtige nuwe website en video!!! My kliente is mal daaroor en die nuwe kliente wat dit sien hoef nie eers meer persoonlik te kom kyk na my fasiliteite nie. Dit help regtig baie want dit spaar my en die kliente se tyd. Die feit dat hulle na ‘n video kyk gee so ‘n sterk boodskap oor…

    Berg en Dal Kennel


What really excites me is:

  • Being a Catalyst for Growth for companies with entrepreneurship at their core
  • Seeing people develop and be the best they can be
  • Giving back: It’s at the core of our work and an inspiration to do more good.

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