Author: Henrico Hanekom – Neuro-Marketer – © 2017

By now I am sure that you have gained some awareness about the importance of Influential Communication in order to have more impact in the world. It’s a valuable skill and art possessed by most effective leaders.

The “evolution of communication”
Communication has not just evolved but expanded in massive leaps and bounds! Its history is ridden with big sudden changes, disruptive technology and global advancements that would leave Mr. Alexander Graham Bell and his erstwhile followers aghast with amazement! Without laying out the entire history of communication, I’ll tune into a small blimp that I find very amusing:

posboomFound in a sailor’s shoe under a Milkwood tree
During the holidays I visited a tree in Mossel bay, South Africa. Not just any tree, the postal tree which is arguably the start of all postal services in SA. It is believed that sailors like Vasco De Gama, Bartholomeu Dias and others who sailed expeditions around the African coast from the 1500’s stopped at Mossel bay for fresh water from a fountain. They would also place important messages in a sailor’s boot and hang it under the big Milkwood tree for the next pit stoppers to find!


Communication cannot function without anyone of these 5 parts:

  • The Sender;
  • The Receiver;
  • The Message;
  • The Medium; and,
  • The Feedback.

Now based on these parts, let’s compare two pieces of communication, one from the Milkwood tree in the 1500’s and something from the modern times:

1. Troubles in Calcutta – 1501 2. This E-mail / blog you’re reading – this year
The Sender Pedro de Ataide, Commander of one of Cabral’s ships. Henrico Hanekom, Entrepreneur & Innovator, from Megaphone Media video agency.
The Receiver Joao da Nova, commander of the third East India fleet en route to India. You.
The Message “Be warned of troubles in Calcutta.” (Paraphrased) “Be mindful of Communication and how you can best utilize it”. (Summarized)
The Medium A hand written note in an old sailor’s boot hung under the Milkwood Tree! Digital text hosted online.
The Feedback No immediate feedback or confirmation of receipt. The receiver erected a small stone hermitage on site in appreciation…later declared a monument. Electronic delivery verification, pixel tracking and through replies, comments and sharing.
Delivery time Up to or over 1 year later! Milliseconds!
Outcome Many lives believed to have been saved thanks to the important message. I’ll invite you to a complimentary 15 minute coaching call, helping to define your Visual Communication Strategy for today.

Some major differences right from 1501 to today right?
Communication technology has come a long way but we still grossly underestimate and underutilize its power.

Where do you stand?
Chances are that your communication strategy for this year may need some serious reworking, that’s my job. I assist you with influential communication, especially in the Digital and Visual arenas.
I can help you to utilize the right communication channels with influential media that will ultimately advance your message and generate more revenue.

I invite you to employ my help so that I can be of service to you or your organization to navigate these waters that hold the promise of discovery, challenge and reward.

button To book your complimentary 15 minute coaching call with me e-mail

I do believe that this call will put your marketing / communication for this year on a who whole new trajectory of success!

Interestingly, the old post office tree is still in use, serviced regularly by the SA Postal service. I contemplated sending you this message via the tree, but instead opted for newer technologies like e-mail, blogging, social media etc. This has allowed me to reach more people, deliver faster and get instant feedback.

Ironically, I don’t always know if you will heed my message, just like the sailors of old!

Author: Henrico Hanekom – Neuro-Marketer – © 2017

Henrico Hanekom is a Neuro-Marketer who empowers leaders in business to better influence their target audience so that they can reach more people with their message and generate more revenue.

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