Author: Henrico Hanekom – Neuro-Marketer – © 2017

A glimpse of the current communication landscape

First a question: Would you agree that the extent of influence you have is dependant on how you CONNECT with people?

I believe it’s important to make a personal connection with people especially against the backdrop of this very busy communication landscape that we operate in. But, here’s the problem…thanks to e-mail and text messaging the opportunities to make personal connections are somewhat limited. Have you experienced this…having numerous conversations with someone on e-mail without having met them in person, with no face to the name? It has become the norm in daily business communication.

Good marketing and visibility are based on a sense of personal CONNECTION!

Sneaky little trick

So here is my one sneaky little marketing trick to connect better with people. It’s such a simple tweak but few do it because most don’t understand the need for people to connect.

An E-mail signature with a profile photo.

Think about this: What is the most beautiful thing to behold for us as humans?
Answer: It’s another human’s face! We are neurologically wired to observe a person’s face. It’s an important function of social interaction…it’s our human nature.

As simple as this may sound, an e-mail signature with a photo of yourself will help you to stand out and avoid being just another e-mail conversation. This is one small thing that you can implement to improve your visibility and marketing. Just think about the number of e-mails that you and other people in your organisation are sending out on a monthly basis…
How much more impact, presence and influence can you have?

If you are in sales, it could very well be something that contributes to closing the deal.

Seeing someone’s face is SO important in this very impersonal digital age. Even when my company Megaphone Media produce marketing videos for companies we always look for ways to include people into the visuals.

Communication without personality does not get any traction!

A more advanced strategy is to also have clickable links in your e-mail signature to engage readers with other content or offerings. In this way it can also be used as a powerful lead generator and engagement tool.

Here are some samples:

TIP: When taking photo’s for profile pictures it’s important to look straight into the lens. This let’s your reader / viewer feel that you are looking straight at them and making eye-contact.

Maybe it’s time for you to step up your game with personal branding that will make the most of the e-mails that you send on a daily basis so that you can have more connection and impact!

Lastly, go ahead and send an e-mail to

Author: Henrico Hanekom – Neuro-Marketer – © 2017

Henrico Hanekom is a Neuro-Marketer who empowers leaders in business to better influence their target audience so that they can reach more people with their message and generate more revenue.